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CNPC USA Opens Innovation Center in Katy, TX

October 23th 2017, CNPC USA announced the official opening of the CNPC USA Innovation center in Katy. Encompassing over 34,000 square feet, the new facility will focus on research and development to address several key industry challenges including Unconventional, Ultra-HTHP environments, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Drilling & Completions operating efficiencies. The ultimate aim of CNPC USA’s dedicated team of scientists, engineers and technicians is the continual development of cutting edge, basin-specific and value-driven solutions for the customers with an initial focus on drilling and stimulation fluids as well as downhole drilling, completion and measurement tools. The facility is designed with a holistic view for problem solving, integrating the various development inputs and functions to efficiently arrive at the best possible system solution. Providing the building blocks are dedicated laboratories for Chemical, Materials and Electronics research with the complementing validation capability with real-well environment testing for high temperature, pressure and combined load envelopes.


Gordon Zhang, CEO of CNPC USA spoke on this important milestone in the company’s expansion and offered his thanks and congratulations to all that contributed to the construction of the state-of-the-art facility. James Duan, President of CNPC USA, followed up those remarks by underscoring the need for everyone to understand the company’s vision and challenges ahead and to rise to that challenge.  The expanded capabilities offered by the new facility will position CNPC USA for future R&D opportunity and CNPC USA will take that further to build a self-sustainable services business.

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