Outside of technically complex conditions, CNPC USA focuses on providing technologies with increased hydrocarbon recovery and reduced cost for conventional applications. CNPC USA specializes in developing products tailored towards the client’s desire for increased return on investment, fashioning unparalleled technologies performing in conventional conditions.


CNPC USA offers technologies spanning the entire upstream oil and gas sector targeting conventionals.

  • Fluids
    • Oil Based Mud Systems & Additives
    • Water Based Mud Systems & Additives
    • Cycla-ThinTM NZ – Oil Based Mud Recycling Thinner
    • Matrix Stimulation Diverters
    • Produced Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Downhole Tools
    • Customized Well Completion Strings
    • Multi-Shift Water Control Production String
  • Drilling & Measurements
    • MegaDonTM Series Customized Drillbits
    • Dynamic Measurement While Drilling Tools
  • Technical Services
    • Matrix Stimulation Optimization Designs
    • Wellsite QA/QC
    • Matrix Stimulation Treatment Consultation
    • Water Treatment Consultation
    • Drilling Mud QA/QC
    • Drilling Mud Consulting
    • Completions Engineering Consulting
    • Downhole Tool Services
    • Geology & Geophysics Consulting
    • Reservoir Engineering Consulting
    • Application Specific Engineering


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Corporate Communications and Media Contacts
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