Research and Engineering Services


CNPC USA has leveraged our expertise in the engineering domain to consistently outrival in the analysis, interpretation, and execution of varying oilfield segments.  CNPC USA now offers to share this expertise in the form of our Upstream Engineering Services Sector.

These include:

  • Fracturing & Stimulation
    • Fracturing Design & Optimization
    • Re-Fracturing Treatment Design & Optimization
    • Well-site Fracturing Treatment Consultation
    • Fracture Modeling & Analysis
  • Drilling
    • Drilling Mud Consulting
    • Wellsite Mud Engineering
  • Completions
    • Completions Engineering Consulting
  • Reservoir
    • Reservoir Engineering Consulting
  • Geology & Geophysics
    • Geology & Geophysics Consulting
  • Production
    • Production Engineering Consulting


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