Big-Boar Large Bore plug


Large Bore Frac Plug

CNPC USA’s Big-BoarTM series of frac plugs present a compact, millable, and large OD design along with our anti-preset technology to reform the plug & perf market under the theme of efficiency. At only 16” in length, and incorporating a G2 austempered cast iron body, millability is introduced to the large bore plug should the need arise with recompletion. The anti-preset design not only avoids a costly mis-run during operations, but moreover allows for a faster deployment speed through the vertical sections of a wellbore.

Optimized materials selection
G2 austempered cast iron body
Nitrile seal elements
G2 cast iron single slip with teeth hardening
Optimized structural design
Anti-preset design
No spinning while drilling
Bi-directional single slip design
ID 2.75 in

TuffSOLTM series Mg dissolvable balls

Drillable materials
Deployment speed: up to 500 ft./min
Max. working temperature 300oF
Max. differential pressure 10,000 psi
Designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in USA

Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
Zonal isolation during multistage stimulation
Flow-through conditions to leave the plug in well and let the isolating balls dissolve.

Casing Size Casing Weight Max Tool OD Pressure Rating Temperature Rating Setting Tool
5 ½ in. 17 – 23 #/ft.

4.40 in.

10,000 psi


Baker E20

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