Bolt-Frac Composite Plug

BOLT-FRACTM Composite Frac PlugCNPC USA’s Bolt-FracTM series of composite frac plugs engages a novel approach at preventing plug pre-sets during operations utilizing an innovative anti-preset design. The anti-preset design not only avoids a costly mis-run during operations, but moreover allows for a faster deployment speed through the vertical sections of a wellbore. The Bolt-Frac composite plug also has an extended application range to the standard composite site frac plug, with a maximum temperature rating of 300oand a maximum differential pressure of 12,000 psi.

Optimized materials selection
Glass fiber reinforced polyester composites
FKM seal elements
G2 cast iron slips with hardened teeth
Optimized structural design
Anti-preset single piece slip design
No spinning while milling
Bi-directional wicker style slips
Fast mill-out, 10 to 20 minutes
Setting Methods: Wireline, coiled tubing or threaded tubing
Deployment speed: up to 500 ft./min
working temperature 300 °F
differential pressure 12,000 PSI
Passed tests according to ISO14310
Designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in USA

Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
Zonal isolation during multistage stimulation
Ball can be run on-seat or dropped from surface

Casing Size Casing Weight Max Tool OD Pressure Rating Temperature Rating Setting Tool
5 ½ in. 17 – 23 #/ft.

4.34 in. 12,000 psi


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